Diesel engine fire pump to generate blue smoke factors should be paid attention to avoid

Diesel engine fire pump as a kind of fixed fire equipment, has been widely used in fire and shunting, especially in the absence of power or power supply. The device can be remotely transferred to the meter, can be installed and used according to the need to connect to the control center, easy maintenance. After the diesel engine fire pump is installed in the machine room, at least 750mm of passage should be left on both sides and in front of the unit for operator inspection and general maintenance.

In the process of diesel fire pump use, sometimes generated blue smoke, a lot of people do not know how to solve this problem, to solve this problem to understand the cause of the problem, let’s specifically analyze.

1. The air filter is blocked, the air intake is not smooth or the oil surface in the oil basin is too high (oil bath air filter), which reduces the air volume into the cylinder and changes the normal proportion of fuel mixture gas, resulting in incomplete combustion of oil and gas and less fuel, and will also cause blue smoke exhaust.


2, long-term low load (below 40% of the calibrated power) operation, the gap between the piston and the cylinder liner is too large, so that the lubricating oil in the oil pan is easy to jump into the combustion chamber, mix with the fuel mixture in the cylinder, change the normal proportion of the mixed gas, combustion is not complete, causing the exhaust to emit blue smoke.

3. Too much lubricating oil is added in the oil pan, and the lubricating oil is easily transported into the combustion chamber during the operation of the diesel engine.

4. The piston ring is stuck or worn too much, and the elasticity is insufficient. When installing the piston ring, the chambered direction is inverted, so that the oil enters the combustion chamber, and the blue water vapor smoke is discharged after the lubricating oil is burned.

5. The ventilation hole of crankcase breathing machine and atmosphere is blocked, resulting in high exhaust gas pressure of crankcase and oil channeling into the combustion chamber to participate in combustion.

6, in the body to the cylinder head oil passage near the cylinder pad burned, piston. Cylinder liner wear and piston ring mating conditions will cause lubricating oil to flow up the combustion chamber and burn with the fuel mixture.

The above is the cause of diesel engine fire pump generated blue smoke factors, users only understand the cause of the failure to timely investigation and better solve.

Post time: Aug-19-2022